Changing Your Relationship to Stress and Worry

There is so much to worry about: the war in Ukraine, inflation, climate change, the elections… The list can go on and on. If you’ve heard meditation involves eliminating thoughts like worrying (something you think is impossible), this class may be for you. 

This series of classes will teach you a unique combination of mindfulness, insight, and awareness practices called Reflective Meditation where thoughts, like worrying, aren’t a problem. You will learn how to work with your worry through creativity, gentleness, and curiosity.  This form of meditation allows for thoughts and uses them for insight into how your mind works.  These insights will help you see how habit patterns, like worrying, develop, are maintained and gradually fade.  Patterns such as worrying are complex, often lifelong, and won’t disappear overnight, but with gentle awareness, support, and exploration, worry can become less of a problem. 

This class is open to people with an established meditation practice or those who are new to meditation. Please sign up for the next class by joining the waitlist below. All classes are on Zoom. Suggested donation: $80 – $120. No one will be turned away for financial reasons.

New classes start in the fall.

My classes are offered throughout the year. Please fill out this form if you would like me to contact you about future offerings.

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About Erica Dutton

Erica Dutton is an experienced teacher and practitioner of Reflective Meditation. She has dedicated herself to sharing this practice so others can succeed in meditation, see their experience as important and valuable, and realize the benefits.

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