The Listening Ear

As humans, we are hungry to be heard. In fact, we will do anything to accomplish that—scream, yell, cry, beat the walls, post graffiti, you name it.  It’s so essential to our well-being that when we’re not heard, it’s physically and emotionally painful and results in loneliness, anxiety and depression. Our…

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Impermanence and the Five Remembrances

Spring was a while ago in Michigan and summers usually arrive here in full force, but I want the season to change slowly. It moves too fast. From one day to the next, morning to evening, there are changes in the trees, the flowers, and the grass.  Everything sprouts—too fast and…

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Beliefs, Perceptions, and Caring

An open hand. The background is out of focus. Slight wrinkles from age are visible. The gesture is nondistinct but nonthreatening.

I’ve just celebrated my 2nd anniversary with a new man in my life whom I  met online.  Being in a relationship again meant I had to make adjustments after years of living alone. My early conditioning urged me to be independent, take care of myself, not to depend on others and to…

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