Self Compassion

An open hand. The background is out of focus. Slight wrinkles from age are visible. The gesture is nondistinct but nonthreatening.

What makes it hard to be compassionate to yourself?  What did you learn growing up, from school, work, your family, or community about being compassionate to yourself? Did you hear things like; ‘Get going’, ’you’re just feeling sorry for yourself’ or ‘you’re just having a pity party’. ‘be strong’, ‘be…

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I recently had a request from some group members to talk about resistance because it was becoming noticeable in many of their sittings and their lives. They wanted to know what to do about it. These are some of the questions I asked: Resistance is biologically driven especially against the…

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Navigating the News

damp thicket

While I was on vacation, I made a concerted effort to limit my news intake. It was easier because I was on the beach or in a new town and wanted to explore the area, go to restaurants and museums, or take a hike in a nature preserve.  I regularly take…

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The Two Arrows

A graphic representation of a mermaid swimming over pink flowers, titled “Mermaid memories,” by limberlostt

I’m writing this after my 3rd day in New Port Richey, Florida where I’m staying at a lovely house called The Mermaid’s Cove. There are dozens of statues of mermaids throughout the house of all sizes including a 10ft metal sculpture of a mermaid holding a pearl and her tail…

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Scottish Highlands and Our Practice

Green mountains with a stream flowing between them, in the Scottish highlands

There is a book written in the ’40’s called “The Living Mountain”.  It was written by a Scottish woman named Nan Shepherd.  She spent her life exploring a mountain in a small area of Scotland in the Highlands and wrote a book about what she learned. She apparently spent hundreds of days…

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