Learning, Practicing, and Teaching Meditation

I started learning meditation almost 30 years ago when I was out of work due to physical pain and fatigue. I was looking for something to help me cope. Little did I know the journey I would be taking.  My goals have changed over the years as I understood how meditation can profoundly change my life.  For many years I studied a very traditional form of insight meditation (vipassana) and then stumbled on Reflective Meditation. Since then, this practice has been my primary one.  The kindness, curiosity, and flexibility that is the hallmarks of Reflective Meditation suit me so much better.

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I’ve been lucky to have several good teachers—Barbara Brodsky, Jason Siff, Linda Modaro, and now Anne-Marie Markey.  I’ve also taken advantage of the wonderful teachers online such as Roshi Joan Halifax, Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, Akincano Weber, and John Peacock to name a few.   I am so grateful for their wisdom.  I envision a lifetime of learning and growing in meditation and I invite you to do the same.

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About Erica Dutton

Erica Dutton is an experienced teacher and practitioner of Reflective Meditation. She has dedicated herself to sharing this practice so others can succeed in meditation, see their experience as important and valuable, and realize the benefits.

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