Beliefs, Perceptions, and Caring

An open hand. The background is out of focus. Slight wrinkles from age are visible. The gesture is nondistinct but nonthreatening.

I’ve just celebrated my 2nd anniversary with a new man in my life whom I  met online.  Being in a relationship again meant I had to make adjustments after years of living alone. My early conditioning urged me to be independent, take care of myself, not to depend on others and to…

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Awe and the Dharma

Florida beach scene with blue ocean water, photograph by ChrisEdwardsCE.

Not too long ago, I read an article in the NYT about awe, A-W-E and it’s impact on health.  For the past month, I’ve brought the experience of awe into my meditation, exploring it and trying to pay more attention to awe in my walking around life too.   There are…

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Sweeping the Dust Away

closeup of broom sweeping dust and debris

There was a man by the name of Cudapanthaka, who wanted to learn how to meditate.  The Buddha heard about him and went to talk with him and hear his story. He then suggested he sweep, just sweep the dust away. Here is my take on this traditional story.

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The Climate Crisis in Buddhism

ice floating on the sea with mountains and clouds in the background

As you recall, I went to the International Western Dharma Teachers Gathering in late October.  Last time I talked about what I learned to support practice.  This time I want to share some of what I learned about the climate crisis and the response or lack of response from Buddhist…

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