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I recently went up north a couple of weeks ago to see the fall colors in Harbor Springs, Petoskey and Sleeping Bear Dunes.  It was wonderful to get away. I was struck by the beauty of the place.  I walked along the shore of Little Traverse Bay to see the sailboats and 100-year old homes.  I went to the Petoskey State park when the sun was setting between Harbor Point and Petoskey a perfect place to see the sunset and the constant changing colors of the sky, clouds and water.  

We took a 20-mile winding 2-lane road north of Harbor Springs to Leggs Inn on Lake Michigan.  It was called the Tunnel of Trees because the trees make a canopy over the road. It’s so beautiful.  

When we went to Sleeping Bear, we were at the top of a steep dune overlooking Lake Michigan.  The water level was so high, there was only a little strip of beach left. You could see 2 small strips of sand under water; all that was left of the beach.  The colors were amazing.  It all filled me with awe and wonder, no clinging or grasping, just sheer pleasure at the natural beauty.

There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story.

This quote supposedly comes from the Buddha but I’m not sure of its source.  I still love it because it speaks to what I experienced up north.

I think this is also the dharma, not just dukkha, attachment and the poisons.  This is what brings balance to our lives, seeing the beauty and knowing there is still the crazy world out there.  It keeps us from falling into despair.

The colors are starting in Ann Arbor.  There probably is some place near you that can inspire awe and wonder where you live.  This is the Middle Way too.  Fill yourself up with that too.

Other quotes on beauty:  

Beauty and joy are important for liberation.

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

Love is beauty and beauty is truth…

That is why in the beauty of a flower we can se the truth of the universe.

Do you have a favorite one?  Please share.



Photo by he zhu on Unsplash

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Erica Dutton is an experienced teacher and practitioner of Reflective Meditation. She has dedicated herself to sharing this practice so others can succeed in meditation, see their experience as important and valuable, and realize the benefits.

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  1. Nature does indeed speak as well as teach to those of us willing to listen. Regrettably, we are often too busy or inattentive to pay attention. Although I often turn to natural settings to find solace during difficult times and inspiration for my art, I don’t always stop to appreciate the beauty and peace that Nature offers during the course of my typical day. Your post is an excellent reminder for me to open my eyes to the beauty of Nature in my everyday life.

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